Fun times at Cafe Nova Artist's Reception...

Last week was the official reception for myself and several other artists at Cafe Nova in Oklahoma City, to do a little meet-and-greet for our art hanging on the walls of the establishment. It was one of my favorite art openings this year, as for each artist I had varying knowledge of their work and reputation and it was great to meet them in person. I knew Bryan Boone from OVAC, but Juuri only from her website and video marketing from previous shows (and of course her beautiful paintings). It is very validating to meet other creatives who are supportive. Also great to see other artists coming out to share their support and talk about their projects openly with us.

Here are some pics from the evening in case you missed it... taken by the amazing pyro-performer Orange Rex! (he was eating fire and making balloon animals for us!)

sitting along the back of the bar at Cafe Nova (we are in the middle at one of the artist's bowls are on the wall there)

Orange Rex- the guy taking these photos (this is from another  performance but want to share him!)- you can find him  and other pics and event info here

another picture from early in the evening, I forgot my camera but my jellyfish, "Dans La Mer" is over on the left corner-
you can barely see it, but that corner had patrons there most of the night. The bright yellow piece is Bryan Boone :)

Do we look like we're married yet? Haha just kidding, when we are caught in an unexpected photo we have "eyebrow
faces"- That cocktail was made with blood oranges and champagne and vodka...yum

So what's up next? Well I have some fundraising art project work going on for fall/winter, particularly a special project for the Bella Foundation- They are having artists paint doghouses for a special auction and this sounds like fun! Stay tuned or check me out on Facebook or Twitter for updates!