Follow the Migrating Monarchs...

Hello again readers of my typings and viewers of my captures and paintings. Yesterday I went out to the area near Lake Overholser here in OKC, to take butterfly photos. In the fall monarchs migrate south as part of their life cycle and this is the time of the year when the most can be seen. It is a magical time if you are a butterfly lover, a time of discovery if you have small children who get to see them as well. Monarchs have a special place in my heart.  One of my favorite fantasy artists, Marco Mazzoni, creates amazing colored pencil butterflies- one of the many places you can find his work is here.

The trail we walked was lush with trees leaning over the road heavy with dangling vines and leaves starting to turn for fall.  Butterflies and dragonflies, were only a small portion of the wildlife we spotted.
In this area it is not uncommon to see larger raptor species of birds and deer as well. I love coming out to this area for nature walks because I get lots of painting inspiration and also exercise and the opportunity to reconnect with the world outside of my schedule.

there were many trees that were full of butterflies. I nabbed several shots of pairs...

This guy isn't a butterfly! We met an armadillo as the afternoon lingered on... he was burrowing away and didn't seem to mind us...

The neighboring farm beside the main trail we walk has llamas! We found this out as four of them approached. They were friendly and were very interested in my camera, when they weren't eating. Next time we shall bring some snacks for them ;)
I took over 130 shots of butterflies alone, all from the same day and same location. Any shot you see posted here or on my website,  Facebook page is available as a print, and I will probably make some postcard sets.  In the meantime I hope you take some time and get out and see the butterflies!

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