For the Etsians...New listings Galore.

It's that time again, time for a blog post! I have been doing my thing, slinging my paint, and gearing up for the holidays. If you live in Oklahoma you have, like me, finally been blessed by some cooler weather- Yay! That means much more time in the outdoors, and painting with my many studio windows open, my favorite thing about being upstairs (birds have flown in, even a squirrel poked his head in one day!). I will have to do a "virtual tour" post soon :)

The big thing I have been doing in the mornings as the holidays draw near is filling up my Etsy shop. Sometimes I forget it's there, because when someone wants to buy a piece they usually just call or email me if they are local, but I am trying to get most of my easy-to-ship pieces there so everyone can see them to purchase them (if you don't use paypal I do take money orders on my etsy as well).  For fall I have listed one of my Muerta pieces, "Muerta no 8" and also some pieces from my last circus themed exhibition.
"The Littlest Comedian" - Get him Here.

"Little Top" Mini Circus Tent painting- Get it Here.
And of course, Halloween is coming, whether you celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day or Hallow's eve,  there are seasonal beauties in the shop now...

Muerta no 8 - 8x10 on wood- Get her Here.
 And florals for everyday collections and decor :) I love orchids.
Moth Orchid - 6x12 on wood- Get it Here.
Every piece in my Etsy shop is shipped with the same loving care as all the art I create. I hope you make a piece of my creativity part of your home soon... Next up will be more sketches, studies, and a special project I am working on for the Bella Foundation!