New Art Adventures in Guthrie and Art for children.

Greetings blog readers! I have managed to pull myself away from painting to contract a late summer cold! Boo on that. But in between much vitamin C and blanket-wrapped studio painting, I have been working hard. Even though I am a winter baby, early fall is definitely my season. I am more productive and usually thinking bigger in terms of series and bodies of work. That being said, I have a couple of announcements regarding where you can find my work this month and in later months!
Eva Considers His Offer - 12x12" (new piece 9/2011)

For the next two weeks (until the end of September) you can catch paintings from my "Women and Wanderlust" series (and a few new lady-centric pieces!) featured over at Vintage 89 Wine and Cocktail Bar in Historic Guthrie, OK. They are located at 121 W. Harrison across from the Pollard Theatre, just a skip and a jump from Simply Oklahoma, LLC, if you are there to check out the arts! Vintage 89 frequently has movie nights and local musical performances.   I love the exposed brick walls of the place!
near the door of Vintage 89
Traversing Tangier (right) and Margins of Error (left)

Ships Roll In(left) and Foster Mother(right)

Back home in OKC, I have recently brought in a line of paintings of animals and whimsy to the newly expanded Green Bambino at 5120 N Shartel Avenue.  They specialize in all-things for the eco-friendly infant, particularly cloth diapers (and classes should you be new to them), and when they expanded have been able to offer a new art space.

Paintings can now be viewed and purchased over at Green Bambino. 

I am making plans for November, and have a few more announcements, but cannot yet announce them. All will reveal itself in due time. I think I learned patience this month. Hopefully it sticks this time ;)