Sick Days and Snowflakes

This weekend and the early part of this week I have been fighting off the usual cold-flu-something-or-other that comes with fall. The good news is it is not flu, but I have still felt pretty exhausted.  But it has not been for naught because I have still felt like working. A lot.
I have my holiday fundraisers for which I am making various pieces coming up in December (more details posted soon with pics- each project is an undertaking of its own!) and also am helping out with next year's Sit.Stay.Art! exhibition and fundraiser for Pets and People- this is a great event because it raises awareness and gets pets adopted. The premise of the event is for artists to capture the personality of a shelter pet waiting to be adopted into a work of art, then those pieces are displayed and sold the night of the show. More more information or to find out about submitting art to Sit.Stay.Art! check out their new website.

While I have spent time chugging soup and attempting to get "rest"... I have done a little painting on items for my Etsy shop. One of the pieces below is titled "Catching Snowflakes"... when I feel the fall "ickies" I want to jump ahead to winter... perhaps not an icy Oklahoma winter but a powdery-snowy ones we get on rare occasions. That is the kind of snow to which I can lose my car keys and still come home happy. (yes, this has happened before...)

"catching snowflakes" hanging in my studio- it's about 6"x8"

detail shot. some of the thickest eyelashes I have painted haha.

The large snowflakes are liquid silver leaf.
Catching Snowflakes is available in my Etsy store at a very holiday-friendly price. Get her here.