The End of 2011...Learning and Arting...

2012 is at our doorstep! It has been a great and daunting year, full of new connections and lessons to be learned, and most folks are making their resolutions for the new year about now, if they haven't already. Most of my fellow artists in my area are setting their goals for 2012 and I have set some too! I have also sat back and taken stock of this last year and a few things I have learned about myself as a businesswoman and painter that I can apply to my future endeavors.

The biggest thing I have learned this year is that when searching for an artist opportunity, it must be, like in any job, the "right fit." This could mean a venue may want me and I cannot choose them as well, for a number of reasons (I may discuss these in a separate post?) In the last year I received numerous emails from "vanity" galleries. This tells me my website search is optimized! haha just kidding. They have a purpose and I do not think they are terrible, but they are not consistent with my goals as an artist at this time. This year has given me a new intuition to spot a better opportunity and decline those that are not in my best interest. It is totally okay to say "no" to an opportunity, just be polite!

This year I also produced about twice as much work as the year before. And it was a good thing. I am certain there is an issue of quality had I done more than this, but to be painting and drawing every single day means more for me than anything else. In 2010 I felt like I was blogging and writing every single day (notice this is an entirely new blog and I don't have the old one though?) but I am still managing to get those things done! I feel like this year I got a visit from the discipline fairy. I wish she had stayed longer...I bet I could use some more and do even better...

In the new year I have some plans for where I plan to send work that is completely new territory for me- VERY out of my comfort zone and it will be a grand adventure- I hope you continue to follow along! Below is the last painting I anticipate having finished for 2011- "Migration Memories" - she is based on all those lovely hikes I took with my husband this year out at Stinchcomb, OK (where we photographed the monarch migration). While painting it I reflected on the year and felt a great hope for 2012.  Monarchs are some of my favorite butterflies and I have just spent the holidays with half a dozen of my red-headed nieces! I hope you like her...
"Migration Memories" - 16x20" watercolor/acrylic on Arches paper- this piece is available for sale - inquire by email
Detail of "Migration Memories" - watermark not present in original/prints
"New Year Resolutions" seem to imply you need to break a bad habit or change something negative- but to me, "New Year Goals" are like new, positive things you want to do next year...What are some of your goals in 2012?

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