A Lovely 2nd Friday of funds raised!

Greetings again! Here are some photos taken from the events I have been talking about the last two weeks- The Society's Winter Small Works Show and The Bella Foundation's 12 Dog Houses of Christmas event! 
We had a great time running around the art scene last night!

Beautiful Works by artists from The Society!

My contribution is on the top right (the inked peacock)- other artists pictured here are JUURI (bottom lower center), Dylan Bradway (top middle) and Amanda Bradway (left)

Over at the Greens, the Bella Foundation gave away a 1+ Carat Sapphire by hiding little ones in the champagne, among the other fun activities in the evening. We took home a nice bottle of wine from the wine pull :)

The OKC Thunder Dog House being auctioned. Rumble the Bison (the mascot) recruited kids to help him paint the house and also included a pack of Thunder goodies with the house.

Auctioning my doghouse! This was fun to watch and I was excited to see people bid higher!

It was a lovely evening all around :) I am glad to see the arts supported so widely in OKC!