Make me a painting : art process for a private commission "Lily"

Below are photos of the process of completion for a commission I had this holiday season. The piece is 24x30" on canvas, titled "Lily".  I had been asked to create the work featuring a girl, lilies, and a color palette of reds/black/white. This was an enjoyable piece to create as I took inspiration from many sources, including the client. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of my process, too!

after sketching the figure I start underpainting with mixes of payne's gray and white, I try not to make the hair too black at first because I will be adding in actual colors :) Asian girls have lovely bone structure that I hope I get right every time I draw them! She will have flowers cascading down her body, just enough to cover her ;)

Depending on the piece/scale and available time I will either paint on the sketch for the underpainting (like above) or do a detailed drawing- as I had a pretty textured background to apply and I can paint flowers fairly quickly I did the painted sketch with this piece...
The first layer of skin tones are down, the lilies I have started outlining around her are an Asiatic variety I stumbled upon called "blackout lilies" (for their dark centers). The red of the textured background is applied with palette knife.
*I made part of this my phone background- I liked the flowy hair!
The finished piece- with pretty little silver leaf drips and finished lilies!
"Lily" - 24x30" acrylic/liquid silver leaf on canvas, private commission.
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Thank you! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday! :D