New Mini Watercolors, tiny splashes of color...

The last Sketchfest left me with lots of feel-good energy for making little watercolors. I don't know if it was working within a set of illustrative ideas, or just spending a weekend sitting and working on quick, small pieces that stretched my "thinker", but I feel the need for more!

The mini watercolor pieces each offer up different subjects, and I take commissions on them as well if you want something small or have an idea you would like to see realized. One of the nice things about small works and studies like these is the crisp, clean way they can be arranged in frames on a wall or shelf to showcase an art collection....

beautiful sketches across the back mantle! I couldn't find a photo credit,
 but this is how we display some of our art at home...

One of my collectors shared this with me- it has two of my record paintings
and one of my heavy-textured paintings in the mix (the bright orange-red skinny one!)
I love how she incorporated her family memories into the art collection <3
I have been painting a lot of "pairs" and "couples" (maybe because Valentine's day is coming up?) and lots of nature-based pieces as usual! The best part is they are all under $30 in my Etsy store. Even if I frame them and take them to shows or donate them I intend to keep them priced very low while I concentrate on my larger works and series.

Here are a couple I have listed in the shop and on my Facebook page. You can click on the captions to access the paintings directly. More are being added frequently- I hope the cheery colors brighten your January days :)

The Comet Dance 6x9 inches

Calico and Gold 6x9 inches