Original Mixed Media Art GiveAway Time- Yay!

It's finally time for me to give some art for free! What a wonderful way to kick off a happy new year, and also my upcoming birthday (I send you presents!) I was born on King's Day/Epiphany, and I am a pretty generous giver by nature(sometimes it gets me in trouble haha)... I love exposing my art to new eyes and this is the first time I have give away a larger piece rather than a print or little art cards. Below are 3 pieces that are up for grabs and one of them will be available to the lucky winner. They are all works on paper from last year, each from different areas of exploration in my artistic style with processes I currently use. I may still make prints available of these but the winner will own the original.

Want to have a chance to win? Simply leave a comment below with the piece you would like if you win (out of the three shown below)- I will announce the winner a week from today. Want to increase your chances? You can follow this blog, follow my page on Facebook or share this post on Facebook and Twitter (so if you already follow my FB page- I know some of you do!- you already have 2 chances when you comment! or 3 if you also follow the blog!- just leave me a note along with your comment if this is the case) No matter if you choose to follow the blog/pages, you MUST please leave a comment to be entered in the first place! thanks!
Misplaced Wishes - 2011 - 12x18" approx. ink/acrylic on Canson paper (black border not present in painting)
Just Smile - 2011 - 19x25" ink/acrylic/prismacolor pencil on Canson paper
Migration Memories - 2011 - 16x20" (watermark not present in painting)

The winner will be announced on this blog one week from today- please watch for the post as you will need to email me some shipping info! There will be no shipping charge to the winner. The painting will come to you unframed, and with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Have fun! I'm excited to give out some new art for 2012!