I fell asleep this winter and missed the memo about a Great Gatsby remake. Of all the pieces of literature that crossed my reading-list path before college, this one holds a special place in my heart, and I am really not sure why... I think it may have to do with a personal disillusioning with money and power? who knows... but I love the fashion of the 20s...and I cannot wait to see it recaptured in Baz Lurhmann's opulent style...

One of the things that has flown into my radar during this remerging of Gatsby luvs, is, the fashion trends of the 20s- and they were spotted on runways as early as Spring 2012 (oh to be a flapper!)....


From an article on 20s fashion by Shitika Anand“The world saw the rise of a modern and new woman, who now had rights to vote and smoke a cigarette in public.”  The decade is part of our heritage as modern women.

I created a few pieces in 2011 based on the flapper girl and the swan pieces each have a little Daisy Buchanan in them.  This year they are all offered up as prints and the originals are for sale by email inquiry.
She's an Odd Bird: The White Swan
16x20 acrylic on wood

She's an Odd Bird: The Black Swan
approx 20x20 acrylic on wood

Eva Considers His Offer
12x12 acrylic on canvas
Prints are available for these pieces also via the link on the sidebar of this blog.

To see more paintings of women like this visit my website.