Of Writing and File-Fighting....

Happy Weekend and March is almost over! ...those "Ides" almost got me...whew!
I know most art blogs are usually full of sparkling joy... and I like keeping this a happy place. Today I will clue readers into what sometimes does happen....yes we love our work and I love my work...but there are sad times too. Times we have to put on our business hats and our legal hats and our "real life drama" hats and then our easels, desks, inks and paints are waiting for us like a faithful friend at the end of a hard day...
I can always come immerse myself in something lovely... 
A lot of others in my universe are hurting right now. With the recent wave of political nastiness toward women that has been sweeping the country and our state in particular, it has created a rift... women artists are speaking out, poets, writers, sculpters, knitters, painters... and even their husbands are speaking out for their partners and daughters. It has inspired me to want to make a statement with my work, but what? Usually the issues I do explore are a little... well.. "buried" is a good way to put them, not everyone knows every facet of my work on first glance and my biggest challenge is bringing that out, and political art will require a bigger push from my comfort zone,  out of which I am slowly working my way since last year.

Feeling these attacks on women makes us easy targets and it is an easy card to play in a conservative state.  Women are more than just housewives in this state- we are businesswomen, and we run sound businesses. Sometimes I have been treated like less than a business"man" as an artist, although I don't think it is always about my gender or even that I am an artist- it is just strange to have to reiterate that I need documentation following what I create and put out into the world when I leave it in someone else's hands. I have learned the best way to keep my proverbial ducks in a row is with written record, and the local businesses that use contracts have produced the best results in exposure, positive feedback, future opportunities, and sales. I have been told by some in my area I should lower my expectations and NOT want to have things on paper/in writing. Well, sorry, but my expectations for an art business are the same as any other business and that includes accurate record-keeping, even if it is over a single piece of art. Sadly I did not always do things this way and have been burned before. They were hard lessons to learn starting out. If a successful veteran artist treats their work with the greatest care and values it as such, why not me? If I value my work less, others will too. Communication is usually where things get messed up, in a simple phone call I can mishear a fact or a plan, so paper is best. I even found a little link here about it posted by Ms. Alyson Stanfield. If you ever meet me and ask you to repeat something, it is for me, and also, you! I want to do the best for YOU possible!
just one drawer of files! each file holds hardcopies on each job/show and
my notes on it (the messier ones up front are recent projects and mail)-
This system set up I made based on one commercial illustrator's system,
but it is pretty easy to maintain with virtual files/receipts too...
I had this in place before I was hi-tech, and the low-tech files have
served me well! they aren't going anywhere for awhile.
Working with artists submitting to a show is a great way to see the other side of the coin too. Some have emailed with lots of questions (sounds like me!) and I hope I am communicating with them in a timely manner.  I love questions. They are opportunities in disguise. Questions are not bad. Ask lots of them. Ask your artist. Ask your doctor. Ask your legislator. Ask your new social media network. Ask you cashier at the gas station. And (wisdom from my husband) consider the source of your answer.

In the meantime... I do have some great things coming up in the next few weeks. I have received word that my art piece made it to Moss, Norway and that show will be opening on April 12th. You can follow the exhibit news via my tweets or the Twitter hashtag #twitterartexhibit - there is a video being made that will have a slideshow of all the art too!  the Sit.Stay.Art! and ARTini preview parties will be this coming weekend as well and I will have some details in the next days- Follow me on Facebook for immediate news- And below is one of my new bee pieces for spring....enjoy!
Pollenium -6x6x2 inches on wood