Road Trips and Happy Chaos Pt 2: Luna Tree

I have returned from the other side of the Red River! This weekend I have been having arting adventures in Texas... I have been painting a mural in a beautiful home in Flower Mound and taking a few paintings to a new site.

First I have to say, this is the house that got the mural--- look how gorgeous it is! I love green and all of the artwork had stories. My hosts have some of my pieces too, I was so flattered to put art on a section of their home. The first night I met more guests including another buyer of my work from online sales - yay, Texas! Why have I not been visiting this area more often?

Oh and my hostess is a chef too... so I stayed very full while I was there ;) this is what she made me before I left (shrimp with chard,mushrooms and squid ink pasta)..yum!

The wall I painted was in the entry/guest hallway, which began with a taupe base. The main concept was a more abstracted fantasy piece with a tree and animals, favorites including wolves, birds, butterflies, and even fairies and such. The piece is called Luna Tree, because it has a silver metallic moon at the door corner, with a crystal-based tree growing towards it, a wolf howling towards it, and luna moths also going up to the moon. One of the luna moths, upon closer inspection, is a fairy. And there is a peacock in the tree, utilizing the other interior home colors of the greens and turquoises on other walls.
Below are some progress shots and the completed mural- there were many different light sources so they will all have a slightly different tone on the taupe.

sketching out the wolf. he could be howling up those moths.  or singing them.
the background is purple crystal.
adding eyes to the peacock and you can see the crystals taking shape on the tree.
one parting the feathers a little too. 

luna moths and the moon/taller branches. when the light comes in the front window,
it reflects off the opposite wall, making the silver moon really shine.

Detail of the peacock/crystals from the finished mural

Detail of wolf from the finished mural. I am hoping the white texture will
provide a nice contemporary feel fused with the fantasy :)

Completed mural in the hallway! (with the track lighting off)
I am so happy I did this in 2 days.

While in the area I met with folks over at the cafe part of the privately owned Ethicus Hospital in Grapevine. I left some of my not-so-dark and animal pieces to be displayed in the cafe for the next months, so if you happen to be reading this blog from that area, this is where you can find some of my work, or maybe you will navigate back to this post a few weeks from now after picking up one of my cards when you grabbed you lunch there *wink* Anyway, I am definitely coming back to the Dallas area in July for a show in Deep Ellum, so I won't be a stranger!

So now that I am back in Oklahoma City...IAO's Money Talks Art Walks- March 10th! that's what's next. See you soon!