Oklahoma at the Movies

Think of every movie you know that has to do with Oklahoma. I can think of a good number, because I live here. But tell me what Interview with a Vampire and Donald Duck have to do with Oklahoma?

For the past month I have been painting on walls that will be part of a 2-yr exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City called "Oklahoma@theMovies"celebrating Oklahoma's contribution to movies- theaters that have been here, actors from here, behind-the-scenes people from here, and many award-winning talents (and there are some Oscars to prove it!)

My contribution was in the form of murals and backgrounds for three rooms- one that would create a "set" for Roger's and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!, a progression of development of characters for a room about animation, and an Alice in Wonderland flower-and-forest piece inspired by the original Disney concept artist (and Okie native) renderings.
Below are shots of the mural pieces, before the rest of the exhibit goes in around them.

Alice in Wonderland mural- inspired by the creative works of Mary Blair

Character sketches of Red from Hoodwinked in the animation room- the director is from Oklahoma!
This room will also have information about Clarence Nash, the Oklahoman who was the original voice of Donald Duck... 

This one is 18 ft wide- it's the background for the Oklahoma! setting
This is only a tiny part of a HUGE exhibit. I hope you have time to go see it! 

Oh yeah, Interview with a Vampire- Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma (my hometown actually!)- so one of the costumes will be there.

For all my murals/large-scale work and detail/angled shots- check out this album