My Mom.

This is probably the first real blog post I have written about my parents- appropriate it's on Mother's Day.

My parents have been married for 40 years this last April. This is my favorite picture of my mom.

And now that I have shared my mom's loveliness, this is the sort of stuff I made her do for me....

me,  1988...I officially have embarrassing photo on internet ;)

That was Halloween. I wanted to be a dragon really bad but all we could find were dinosaur costumes. On the bonus, I got to use it again in a dance recital. No I won't be sharing that.

And in 2012 I am still having wild ideas and calling her about them. I called her at least 6 times this last week about my booth for this coming Saturday, just to babble about sheets and walls and lights. Yes most of it I do now on my own, but the fact she is there, sometimes to "just smile and nod" at my quirks and acknowledge that I am not going completely nuts is all I need to continue. Since I don't leave my studio much except for business-related tasks because I paint a LOT, she is usually the first person to hear my good news, my bad news, and my crises, if they warrant a vent or a crying shoulder or a celebratory share. And for that she also happens to have the patience of a saint, perhaps from sewing that dinosaur costume. All this while being a career woman with the state of Oklahoma in a mother-like role of finding others jobs and maintaining her marriage to my dad.  I would like to think that because she is a strong woman she has influenced my art, and I know some of her aesthetic exists in a few of the pieces, particularly artwork with floral motifs.
Secret Garden by Amanda Christine Shelton, 6x9 watercolor on tea-stained paper
This Sunday I wish to you a Happy Mother's Day, and I hope no matter what kind of relationship you have with your children or your mothers, or whether you are able to reach them buy phone or greeting card or conventional floral bouquet, you are best friends in your hearts. Keep sharing your wild ideas with each other.