New Oil: Letting Go

Here is my newest completed oil painting, Letting Go.

It is 20x24" unframed and photos are taken before the final damar varnish that will bring the shine back in. Below are some process shots of the painting in progress...

initial drawing....
for this piece I started with a viridian wash and worked with midtones
mostly first...mainly because it was easier than staring at all that
white. greens, ochre, and umber comprised the background. french ultramarine
and alazarin also present in the palette, mostly for the bottom layers of the necklace.
before the addition of the veil on her headpiece. the cage is based on something I have seen
in fashion, but I have set the bird free/loose/lost. 

Letting Go is for sale from me directly at this time. are you interested? email me.