Oklahoma at the Movies Preview Party

Last night my husband and I attended the VIP preview for the Oklahoma at the Movies exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center, where I had the opportunity to have a hand in the exhibit by contributing murals in some of the parts of the gallery.

Here are some photos from the evening and the exhibit.

The party is starting outside the gallery...
 ...inside the gallery there were cases full of artifacts from movies old and new, including notes, scripts, costumes, props, and a room of Oscars and awards loaned from actors and their families. There's even a listing of all the Okies with Hollywood stars!

 Looking up, large banners displaying historic theaters from all across the state line the sides while a large film reel snakes through showcasing more classic movies. Where I'm standing in this pic- there's a drive-in re-created behind me. Oh Yeah....

The entrance to the Mary Blair/Alice in Wonderland
Room, where I painted the wall art.

Hoodwinked character sketches with wall text/quotes from Oklahoma director Sue Bea Montgomery
Close-up of the script case in the Oklahoma room (below)

The Oklahoma! room- this is what the marquis leads into... A replica set, with
a large monitor/camera mounted viewable from the porch- so you can re-enact the scene!
 There were so many artifacts I wanted to photograph! so much to see! here's a tiny few....

of course any swords fall under my radar...oh look...here's one from First Knight.
Not your cuppa? There are also some Will Rogers' Connecticut Yankee treasures....

Interview with a Vampire Costume! I promise I am not going to photoshop
Brad Pitt's head on it. Okay, I might. 
 Panel of contributers for exhibit- more legible than my signature in the corners of the walls hehe. Also how cool my name is close to the top!

 The exhibit truly has so much packed into it. I am so delighted to have had this opportunity to help them out and to have been contracted for mural work once again through a state museum/historical group. It is planned to run until 2014, but some parts may change, so I encourage you to come out to the Oklahoma History Center this summer and view all the cinematic contributions from our fellow Okies!

and you better scurry... ;)