Art and Song

One of my favorite authors, H.P. Lovecraft, said "Toil without song is like a weary journey without end." Music and songs have always been in my life and the music on which I was raised has influenced my work. I have always been enthralled with music that was created before me, from classical pieces to 70s songs, and sometimes they inspire my titles.

Don't Leave Me Drowning in My Tears, 16x20 oil on canvas, Amanda Christine Shelton

One of the latest oil pieces I have finished is such a piece- "Don't Leave Me Drowning in My Tears", with title credit given to the Glen Campbell tune that was a hit circa 1971 performed by Hamilton, Joe, Frank, and Reynolds, and you will hear it on any "oldies" radio station -you probably won't hear a DJ give you this information, just a cut to a waterbed or car commercial- or you may possibly hear this as part of a supermarket or retail soundtrack. We hear songs like this every day and they become a natural part of the soundtrack of our daily lives, sometimes leaving just a snippet of lyric in memory... "don't pull your love out on me baby"... maybe now you recognize it.

I have used song-inspired titles that can be attributed Steve Miller and Donovan as well. Visit my image galleries to see more song-inspired works.