A Day of the Dead Self Portrait

Muerta No. 10 (detail) 16x20x1.5" acrylic/liquid gold leaf on wood
©Amanda Christine Shelton 2012, amanda-christine.net
I hope to include this piece at my show on the 21st of this month at Red Dirt Artists and Gallery in Piedmont. I've felt an extra little burst of confidence in creating this piece even though I used my own photo for reference- something I was a little squeamish about doing at first! My only other self-portrait in my portfolio is very tiny....

Are you located outside of Oklahoma, or not able to make the show? I've listed Day of the Dead and Fantasy-themed ACEOs and other pieces in my Shop, most of them with free US Shipping. I can also create Day of the Dead works for clients year round, and I'll have a special "commissions" section coming to this blog soon so you won't have to wander off to the more "official" website to get that info :)

Happy Monday and I hope this week is full of great things for you!