Commission: Feathered

11x14 inches, oil on canvas
commissioned work
©2012 Amanda Christine Shelton

While showing my work last month a fellow from my home town received one of my cards and met me at the gallery to look at the paintings and speak to me about a commission. I have received many "paint me a bird" requests of the popular-bird-request nature by email that don't always follow-up - owls, peacocks, oversized swans- yet this time he greeted me with "I may have a challenge for you" and commissioned an oil portrait of a friend with bird characteristics like a turkey. A little bird-nerd info... turkeys are part of the order of Galliformes, which also include quail, pheasant, chickens, guineafowl, and yes also peacocks. It was fun to work on an unconventional piece and the work reminded me a little of the "Odd Bird" pieces I painted last year.

The 11x14" painting is above and detail shots are below. Additional elements for the commission included a bluebird and daisies (particularly red gerberas)

Feathered (detail)

Feathered (detail)
If you are interested in commissioning a custom painting, you can find more information on prices and available media and sizes here.