Working on Work.

It's Wednesday. I am writing a little bit today because I will probably forget later. Paint layers are drying at the moment.

I sent off my #twitterartexhibit contribution this week and they have set up their opening night event information online- if you will be in the Los Angeles area in January you can RSVP on Facebook here or keep up with the cards and updates via the hashtag #twitterartexhibit.

Sunday I had a lovely model stop by and sit for the figurative portion of a large piece with a dark/mystical mood.  Working from life was much more helpful in this case for both lighting and all the negative spaces between the figure and the chair, which also has some drapery. Below is a photo of some of the underpainting on the face which is larger than life-size. I can honestly say I am not ready to show the rest because this is a very challenging piece for me! Yes I did this on purpose ;)

work in progress (cropped) untitled. Model: Anne
If this piece is successful I may be able to include it in a future series in the works, but it's concept can stand on its own as well.
Oh yeah, and since I haven't shown you any completed art in this post... have a cupcake.
©2012 Amanda Christine Shelton
6x6 in. acrylic on unstretched canvas, gloss varnish