"So this is Christmas..."

and i am missing so many people.

It's a very surreal time as we have been made aware of what has just happened in Connecticut, and i feel pretty shitty because i've spent a good deal of the week sending emails asking for corrections on attributions and paperwork where they have been omitted, like a nitpicky crochety beaurocrat.
I want to watched Scrooged, or that 1985 Santa Claus movie with Dudley Moore... something funny and fantastical to keep my spirits in a better place, because I HAVE lived out of my car, and on couches, and at one point, assumed my life would be in a worse place than it currently is. I can't help but wonder what happened to everyone doing the whole smile a little easier, laugh a little harder, be a little nicer because of the season thing...
our nutcrackers!

In art-related news-stuff-
 I've been making tiny paintings for family/friends and will have to spend very carefully to find frames for the ones that require frames. I really hope they will be ready in time...
"Orange Happy Tea"
5x7 oil on stretched canvas
2012 ©Amanda Christine Shelton
(small navel orange, Harrod's tea tin, tea ball, vintage Bluebird of Happiness glass figurine) 

I started communications with a few contacts for Sit.Stay.Art! 2013 and I can't wait until I hear back with some more solidly confirmed details. Last year we raised over $10K for Pets and People and hoping more new undiscovered artists will submit this time and really push the envelope with their pieces. (my own cat just meowed in approval at this...?) I love helping out with this event and working with receiving the art and communicating with the artists.

Goals are growing for next year.
Wheels are turning.
Communication will be improve BIGTIME for those of you who seek the updates.
I have some art in L.A.!

trying my best to remember that art careers often look more cohesive in retrospect...

I know I don't have kids, but if my 6 nieces were with me right now I would be hugging them all to their pre-teen and teenage embarrassment. If you aren't able today, spend some time this weekend with someone you love.