New Gouaches

My dad died last week.

and i bought a new type of paint.

I will address the first sentence at another time. I am not in the right state to do so now.
Right now some stupid art-business expert is telling me I have to post images to my blog before I share them on social media (guess what, I have failed my career miserably in her eyes! oh darn...) so here goes.

I have never worked with gouache before, but wanted to try it. i have a bunch of pages in a fabriano book taped off with these little stupid windows (right now everything is getting the "stupid" adjective for some reason, i owe a lot of people apologies) for edges and the very first thing i drew out was an octopus. I am sure it is rife with error as I have been told it is a difficult medium and I have never taken a class in this or read much on it. Just diving in with a little reading more recently, and plans for a LOT of practice ahead.

i see curved edges and perfect windows so i made mine wonky on purpose. like surreal tv dinners or something.

I followed some techniques that use inkwashes and lots of gesso underpainting on the paper because I have read about thick gouache cracking.  the red is just the pencil I used to sketch.

gouache dries really quickly so it's hard to stop and take photos :(

"inkling" ink and gouache on paper (gouaches #1)
2013, approx 5.5x8 inches

I will have a scan of this one up in the following days. I want to promote some upcoming events but would like to remind everyone that Sit.Stay.Art! is this Saturday at IAO Gallery in OKC, and as long as I can get them to the gallery between my running around juggling family things there will be some of my pieces in the show as well- proceeds from the artist sales will benefit Pets and People. for more info I have announcements and press links over on Facebook.