Upcoming events: August

report from under a pile of canvas, wood, and paint tubes...

it has been an art marathon week! or two weeks... or... i lost count.

but lovin' it.

so what all has been involved in said art marathon?

well on the events gadget on the side of this blog... you will see two new shows have been added! (they are on my website too)

One is the "Art of Bits/Bits of Art- Fine Art from Classic Video Games" show at Istvan Gallery on Saturday, August 10. I have two pieces for this show available for sale paying homage to Super Mario Brothers and the other to Legend of Zelda -more specifically Link to the Past, but also tying in ephemera and treasure from other games of my generation (or "linking" them in? haha bad pun)
Anyway, the event runs from noon to 10PM on Saturday and there will be vintage video games brought in to play, music, and of course, the art from OK artists from emerging to established who have brought their creative spin to these games. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the way art is being redefined in our area through a variety of media with new exhibition concepts.
Lost Level
by Amanda Christine Shelton
8x10 inches, acrylic on wood, for sale
see it at "The Art of Bits- Fine Art from Classic Video Games" Show August 10
at Istvan Gallery- Oklahoma City

The other event coming up is this Friday- Paseo's First Friday- the Ancient Roots Art Exhibit at Trinity Event Center - I will have some watermedia in this show and the sales will benefit the Oklahoma Mother's Milk Bank. This show is organized by artists and doulas from around the state and city and you can expect to see various styles and media, supporting the education, history, and advocacy of breastfeeding as a valid source of nutrition for newborns. I am working on getting my pieces properly finished/framed/photographed- then they will be blogged for you if you cannot make it. The Ancient Roots show is a one night show by silent auction, so if you are on the art walk anyway we encourage you to stop by and nab up an original!