Paint it Again, Sam! and announcements...

Hello and happy midweek!

Tomorrow is the very first party for my new recreational teaching venture with DC Cake Appeal- Paint It Again, Sam! , and we are super excited for the class! We will be painting a cupcake on a pedestal next to a bowl of cherries (requested by the main owner David Conway), in honor of the collaboration with the bakery. These guys did my wedding cake and they are amazing- and there is no better way to get a cake to your painting party than to already have that connection.

Since I have taught this type of painting party atmosphere before we are setting a few of these up at the bakery and opening up the potential for private party booking, and a few other tricks I have learned how to do over the years I never sent to my other gigs for "project ideas". Right now I am really happy with the flexibility of being artist-run and staying optimistic. It will be as successful as the community wants it to be!

I am not doing any Day of the Dead pieces this fall for my regular body of work unless they are commissioned, because I am focused on other things creatively and feel it is a good time to move on from that series. I do have a few left and will be determining if there will be prints etc in the coming weeks. I may see about making a special print of the last piece I do which utilizes the theme and a portrait of my niece, but is still in progress, and technically part of another series coming up but I have been working on it off and on for a long time. hooray for oils and being able to do that :)

So for now it's paint-paint-paint-website-businessystuffs-paint-some-more! 

If you have questions about Paint it Again, Sam! just give an email or call DC Cake Appeal  for inquiries about the session tomorrow night. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!!