New Painting- "My Neighbor Maxx"

Yesterday I painted a mashup of two of my favorite works of art in fanart/homage form.

When I was 15 or 16 I discovered MTV's Oddities and so it went The Maxx (from Image comics) and it was maybe the second or third comic that really captivated my attention as not-your-typical superhero rag... maybe it was all the female protagonists without superpowers, the surreal settings sprinkled with Intro Psych bits, or the way the art was pushed with each issue (the characters will flex in forms from abstract to realistic often as perceptions and Jungian concepts of identities do)... anyway... when I went to college I studied Psychology too and I get a retrospective giggle at the thought that a comic book and/or MTV may have helped me make that decision. (as a dropout I also appreciate the irony I might get saying that out loud to the right persons)

Maxx and Sarah are set against the rainy background inspired by My Neighbor Totoro- the animated works of Studio Ghibli are a slightly more recent discovery that are continually inspiring me (pause a film and every frame could be a work of art itself, each measure of music is lovely as well), and gave a nice contrast against the brighter-sometimes-harsher colors in Maxx's world.

My Neighbor Maxx by Amanda Christine Shelton
2014 acrylic on 12x12" wood panel

This piece will probably be entered in a juried show or a few(we have a few doing themes in my region), provided they allow the fair use thing.

Tonight is also the opening of the Salon de Refus├ęs show at MEME Gallery in Tulsa- and I have an oil painting in this exhibit, which runs until February 8th! Hope you will stop by and check out all the wonderful pieces!