February Art Goodness...

Happy Groundhog Day!! 

(hopefully if you are reading a syndicated version of this post you are seeing it on the right day!)

I awoke to it snowing. There will be soup made later.

After a rough month of beta-testing the old new-years-resolutions, I received word I have been featured in Catapult Art Magazine for a second time. The first time I was featured was in 2012, issue #10. This time it is issue #27 and it will be for sale here at their main website in print and digital form.  The preview link is here.

I'm on p.168-169... can't wait to get my print copy!
On the Catapult site they also have back issues for sale, and older ones and special issues are beginning to become discontinued. I believe you can still get issue #10 for a time.

For Valentine's Day I have made a few handmade cards that are perfect for giving and placed them in my online shop over at Etsy. They are hand drawn designs inked in black/gold/silver/copper on papers I have stained with ink washes and tea, and the inside of each card is blank so you can add a custom message.  Many of the designs are timeless images of love so they will work outside of the holiday, anytime you want to send a message of caring or "thinking of you"...

Because of the erratic weather lots of oil paintings have been started, and a few mixed media experiments.

I am excited to share them with you soon.