New Oil Painting: "Silver"

In my studio I have been working on faces more. I love faces but with oils I tend to start them out differently than other artists and I am trying to work more traditionally darker to lighter in layers.
8x10 inches
by Amanda Christine Shelton
 oil on canvas
The title is based on women and people I have known in my life who had given names or changed their name to share it with an element or a precious metal. The most common of these was Silver and it was identified as a given name each time I met a "Silver." Names are indeed interesting; I wanted to name my imagined portrait here but still inform my goal in the study.

Painting with acrylics you work with the values differently, so it's almost like brushing your teeth with your off hand to switch from oils to acrylics often... but I have learned I favor acrylics for faster paintings and textured layers.

This piece has a textured layer of acrylic underneath the oil layers of the face to add mood to the values I tried to push in it. below is a detailed shot from middle of painting progress where you can see the textured layers well.

"Silver" - progress shot, detail
Just a reminder this is the last week of my March Art Sale- prices will return to marked (or increase when reframed) after April 1st.  You can see the original paintings available at a special savings HERE.