Painting in Progress: (untitled science fiction nude)

*the photos/art in this post may be considered NSFW for some - i need to start disclaiming that on my nude art... meh... 

Below are progress shots of a large figurative painting in my studio that has been taking up a great deal of my time the last few days.  One of my social media/online art group connections photographs lovely ladies and has granted permission for a figurative reference for this piece and I am grateful for this perfect pose for what I am trying to execute. The face and other elements are rendered more stylistically.
If I can finish her in time I may submit to a juried show or other exhibition opportunity in my area.

sketchy underdrawing....

the eyes are bigggg, and the hair is getting articulated, or maybe like wiring or fiber optic cabling...
my hubby was nice enough to snap a pic of me working!! two easels going at once...that other one is taking forever lol.

I can't wait to share the completed piece with you...  :)

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