New Mixed Media Artwork: Lady Cnidaria

 "Lady Cnidaria" is a recently completed mixed watermedia piece on 300gsm Arches paper that has been stained with tea. Cnidaria is name of the taxonomic phylum for jellyfish, medusa, anemones and other similar sea creatures. The golden plant life is painted in metallic acrylics, and the control of gouache gave lots of fine detail to the Lady's hair tendrils.

Lady Cnidaria by Amanda Christine Shelton
11x14 inches
watercolor/gouache/acrylic/ink/tea on Arches 300gsm paper

to inquire on this piece, send an email or contact on website. 
I had the opportunity to exhibit her at the Pancakes and Booze show last week for the first time- I don't get to show my tea pieces often so this was a treat :) 

Lady Cnidaria in frame (floating double matte, white frame, glass)
This original mixed media painting including frame is $250 plus any shipping (via UPS or Fedex due to the glass in the frame). To inquire on the original email me at artbyamandachristine{at}gmail(dot)com


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