I Can't Stay Silent This Time.

Okay, so the title of my blog is called "Eating Paint.." but it is about things relate to art-making.

Something happened today that is related to art-making, because it affected a large employer of people in my state, and it is also a place that sells "art supplies."

It made me mad. But no... don't get mad... negative... pessimistic. I have a problem with this.
I am in pessimism rehab...

because "they" hate when you "get mad"....(no matter how many feminist writings tell me it's okay, it's usually women criticizing me for getting mad...?)

what to do?....

well... in terms of finding another place to buy your stuff, if you're an artist,
if that is what you intend to do...

Shed the 'craft store.' Jettison it from your universe. Opt for the legitimate art supply store. Order online (even if you are a beginner, you can often find a better deal on a case of pre-stretched canvasses over a few 5-packs at the craft store), or visit the actual paint store or hardware store or educational art supply that is family owned and run and does not necessarily operate based on its "shareholders'" wishes because it is a small business that simply exists for meeting the needs of a community and sustaining itself and its owners and families. They exist and are WONDERFUL. Sometimes they go the way of the large chain and run into corruption, sometimes not. Sometimes they meet regulation and we lose a lovely candy-colored favorite paint pigment, sometimes not. Either way, you won't see two extra aisles of "how-to" books on crochet and drawing trees or fifty different types of fake flowers, because these places are not for crafters. The craft store does have a role (and mixed media and installation folks may still need them!) but it seems the time has definitely come to quit using these bigger craft stores as the convenience stores of art supply and remove them from fine artist use altogether.

Here are some really awesome local places to buy art supplies in the OKC area, and I don't know enough about them to know if they are suing the Supreme Court to deny benefits to their employees, I just know they are smaller businesses and they have a better selection of the supplies I need and a lot less of the craft crap, and they also give a fantastic customer experience. Neither of them are Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  You will notice a difference and love shedding the "craft store experience."

 Porch Art Supply - a great resource for art educators as well - these people are fantastic and one thing the craft stores DON'T do is they always help me lug my big hauls of stuff to my car :) They also put out a catalog on their social media and do sales.

 Triangle A&E- lots of drafting supplies! they have been recommended to me several times! never heard a bad word on this business, and since they have been around since 1919, i bet my dad got a few of his engineering goodies from them >_>

**The other thing... a lot of people are doing this thing of "vote with your dollar"... that is something, but it is a numbers game- it only works if lots and lots and lots of people do it. I think the way people would vote with their dollar in this case is to seek out supportive businesses more often in general and announce THIS, rather than actively announce they are leaving unsupportive ones. Announcing one is leaving an unsupportive relationship just acknowledges one wanted attention for doing so... Use that energy to lift up the people who are doing what you want. Make the art you want and spend the money where you like. Hey maybe my pessimism rehab is working ;)