New Artwork: "Nocturna" and "Tempest"

Two of my newest paintings, "Nocturna" and "Tempest" have been completed.
They are both acrylic on stretched canvas, with a glossy varnish. Both have been made available in my online shop.

Photos have been included in this post both before and after varnishing and in and out of the studio showing different lighting on the pieces...

"Nocturna" 2014
Both pieces started with darker backgrounds and I worked outward (more like with oils) rather than directionally and I really liked the results.

"Nocturna" 2014

Nocturna can be purchased at this link.

Tempest was a joy to paint because I really got to push the eyes in size and shine (shiny = my favorite color!) Also there's that thing in me that seems to have a compulsion to paint water and things in water (like fish?) often and in times of stress and this was when we were in the process of our move. 

"Tempest" 2014
"Tempest" 2014

Tempest can be purchased at this link.

I am taking summer commissions, so if you want a custom piece in this style just give a jingle! and don't forget to come see me at Pancakes and Booze Art Show this Friday at the Farmer's Market downtown in OKC :)