These are my some of my sketchbooks. I think there are eight in the photo below.

They accumulate in studio corners because I get into the bad habit of often needing one but feeling like it is never around; there are some that are spiral, bound, varying in size, and with perforated pages and pockets. the teeny tiniest one doesn't have any pages torn out (I am VERY proud of that one) but it is mostly gouache studies.

Here are some sketches from my past files, ranging from detailed to more jotting-down-ideas. I want to share more of these on my blog, we'll see if this becomes a regular thing or not. 

part of sketch for planning composition/fiddling with an idea...

face studies...just noticed this was done on Halloween last year :)

this one is based off of a buddy's Flickr photo and posed model on the beach,
I may or may not use her in a future stylized work. 

  I post works in progress and sketches often on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.