Recent/New Mini Painting: "Star Stuff"

I have recently been working on some smaller paintings and studies for both practice and to sell in my Etsy shop this summer.

The first of these is a painting called "Star Stuff," titled from an often seen and heard Carl Sagan quote. I used to watch Cosmos with my dad when I was very little...

star stuffAmanda Christine Shelton, acrylic, 4x6 inches on wood
"Star Stuff" is literally the size of a postcard.... well... just a teeny bit thicker. It has a glossy varnish and can be easily framed in a 4x6 frame without glass. I have more of these I have been working on and they have been enjoyable, some will be based on some recent photographs I have taken...

For more face/portrait pieces check out the gallery area of my website, or for originals on sale check out my Etsy shop.