Art, Complaints, and a world with Pyramids.

Being able to make art is a wonderful thing.

Ask any artist. None of them dislike the ability to create. None of them dislike the act of creating.

Then... take all the bullshit that often comes along with creating... the selling of the creation(oh boy), the talking about the creation, even just the feelings around the simple act of sharing the creation...

there might be a few issues. just a few.

Refine that stuff into some specifics... like putting the word "business" in the mix. Or attaching a number (or lack thereof and the word "free") in there. Or throwing some shade. Someone fails you. Some expectations and realities did not fall into sync.

there might be some complaints.

But no one is going to give up those things for their ability to create. No one is cutting off their hands to spite their gifts (on purpose/themselves).

If you ever get a chance to see The Wind Rises from Studio Ghibli, I highly recommend it. If you do not ever get a chance, look for the scene about the Pyramids. That is the most touching piece of dialog in the entire piece for me- 'would you want to live in a world with or without Pyramids?'

You know of the Pyramids... the negative implications in their construction... and yet they are 'wonders of the world'... they are compared in The Wind Rises to inventing manpowered flight... as used for war or for more benign/positive purposes. What is the purpose of one's art in the modern age? To make merely money or corrupt or spread a positive message or be a tool of social activism or be merely decorative or.... ? There are many possibilities. Many potential purposes.

But we don't want to live in a world without any art because some of it is art with which we disagree.

I have to come to my own understanding that I want to work in a cosm of art because of the great things it accomplishes and not it's shortcomings.

meanwhile... back to work. more new paintings coming soon.