Amanda Shelton Art now at Stillwater Multi Arts Center through March

Yesterday I installed over 30 artworks at Stillwater Multi Arts Center in their gallery space, for an exhibit that will run through March 2016.  If you have not visited the M.A.C., it's definitely worth a stop on your next trip to Stilly, as you can find a great handmade gift for someone or even take a class or workshop to learn a new medium for yourself! They offer a variety of classes and activities for all ages and levels including painting, pottery, fused glass, and silversmithing (to name just a few).

All the art installed is for sale, at a variety of sizes and accessible prices for new and long-time collectors. There is also a gift gallery for high craft items made by local artists as well, so there is plenty to see!

There will be an opening reception announced very soon (most likely in a couple of weeks) but until then, here is a sneak-peek pic of some of the work freshly hung!

For more info on Stillwater Multi Arts Center, check out their website

For more info on my art, visit my official website.