FAQs, part one.

During the course of my art career, I get asked questions by lots of new artists, art students, art collectors, art hobbyists, and art enthusiasts.

"Dans la mer"
by Amanda Shelton
sold/private collection

Here's Frequently Asked Questions... part one. Because I don't want to answer them all in one post.

Q. How much is this piece of art worth?

A. How should I know? I make art, I do not appraise it. If it's a print and bears no number or signature, chances are it's not anywhere near as worth as much as the original. Please find a certified appraiser to help.

Q. How much is MY art, that I have created myself, worth?

A. Again, I cannot tell you. I can tell you how much it is worth to ME, if I wanted to buy it. If it is hanging in the gallery and I buy it for the price asked, it is worth at least what I paid for it....to me. Price and value are different things. If you need help pricing your art there are some great videos on Youtube about this topic. Here is one of my own favorites. 

Q. How do I sell my art online?

A. You put it online with the price and see if anyone wants to buy it. You might be overthinking this, but it is amazing how many artists list their work for sale online without even the price available. It is hard to make a sale when no one knows anything about the work. If you are afraid to tell people how much your piece is, you may need to rethink something. If you are looking for a place to sell your work- here's a great list...some of the sites are free and some take a small to not-so-small fee.

Q. How do I get my art "out there"?? 

A. This is the most common question I am asked-note the extra question mark for emphasis. It's also a little vague. Out there where? Out there to whom? The question itself does not specify goals... so first as an artist, if you have goals you need to articulate them to figure out how to meet them, or seek assistance meeting them. Do you want to get your art in front of buyers and make more money? Do you want to win awards? Do you want to get accepted into more juried shows? Even if the answer is all of the above, breaking this down into smaller, achievable goals will help a great deal. One resource I have for this, that really exemplifies it is this piece by artist Molly Crabapple- specifically her fifth point:

"I've never had a big break. I've just had tiny cracks in this wall of indifference until finally the wall wasn't there any more"

This concludes today's Frequently Asked Questions part 1.  Now, go make some art! 

"Moth Orchid"
by Amanda Shelton, acrylic
sold/private collection