Back from Vacation

Hey!! I am back from my trip- hooray! 
Lots of photos and stuff to share... still processing them and getting them ready to upload... a few have been posted while we were gone too. We saw lots of fun sights and local art (and fun smells - because Colorado!) had some good food, let our doggo Sasha run around the lake and the mountains and
My nature photos straight from the camera will be headed to my Patreon at and should be available after the first of the month at the links listed there - I have some neat shots of wildflowers and mushrooms that will be informing my work and they are going in the tutorials section for reference photos.
Also coming up soon I have another class planned at Make It Yours... this one will be in October, in combination with their Day of the Dead art show and events. We will be doing Catrina Style pop art paintings and it will be the night of the 25th. More info here:
I have completed a few more paintings on this break (even though I wasn't going to work!) and they will be posted soon!