"There can't be two prom queens!" And other artist problems that aren't actually problems.

Ever hear the expression "That's a good problem to have!" Sometimes this is true for art. We get involved in lots of projects but ultimately we can still have lots of work in the end we have to do. 

"Black Swan" and "If We Were Meant to Fly" - both paintingsfrom 2011 -
Prints being made ready to ship

It's totally okay if the following happens to me (and ALL of it has happened) I don't know about you, but this is speaking for me:

*If someone submits a painting with the same subject to an art show as myself. Even if they both get accepted and the other one sells.

*If there is more than one art show on the same night as mine. I know this is never on purpose and there are only so many days in a week, month, and weekend. In fact I hope this happens, it means I am in a community that has a gallery show "season" and art show "nights"!! That is awesome!

*If I have to close commissions temporarily because I have a few booked and need to actually get them done, or even put a hold on my blog or Facebook posts because I am working.  Yes, paying customers mean my livelihood (hooray!) and I would rather give my attention to them than try to get people to pay attention to me with little financial return except that "thumbs up" symbol and a bump to a private algorithm.

*If someone gets mad at me because I stick to my guns on my policies, or if they stay mad because I only bend a little and don't break. That says more about them than me. This does not mean I should never change them or accept new material into my agreements. Open minds are great things.

*If I get passed over for a major and/or public project because someone better was found. Don't YOU want the very best art in your public spaces too, and a reason for taxpayers to keep throwing money at us artists??? 

*If someone holds me accountable for my job. After all, I chose to make this my work. 

Labor Omnia Vincit is the state motto of Oklahoma! I hope you have a good Labor Day Weekend!