Art Show Tonight at Coffy's Cafe

Tonight will be the opening party for my art on display at Coffy's in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City, and I'm excited, for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I have wanted to hang my pieces there for some time, as Coffy's is one of those hip-without-pretense little places that welcomes all with open arms into a lovely setting of eclectic music, activity and gluten-free goodness.  For being gluten-free (unable to use wheat gluten found in flour for baking in food), they have a wonderful array of cookies, cupcakes, and breads.... not to mention a great cup of coffee or chai that will make you wonder why you were going to Fourbucks- uh, I mean, Starbucks (just kidding). But enough about the "noms", they are providing some yummies tonight so you may check them out!

I have several never-before seen pieces on display, including my very large mermaid piece entitled "PT Barnum's Water Baby", of which I have posted several progress shots and sneak peeks. I have really enjoyed creating these pieces and the colors look great on the walls. (Maybe one would like nice on yours?)  But my favorite thing about this show is that it is just a laid back fun time. No one is telling me my pieces are not "urban enough" or "trendy" enough- I personally believe art is created to speak to the viewer from the artist's inner world and good art stands the test of time and not trends.  Either way I am always happy to create for my audience be it more abstracted or representational!

 Oops! I almost forgot about my second news because I was talking art---I'm getting married- yay! (I won't have my ring on because it's a family ring and must be resized, I will be wearing it soon!) So, friends and relations and everyone who has met the long-haired, blue-eyed man with me at most of my shows, if you like, come out and meet him as my *official* husband-to-be! Hope to see you there!!