August Mini Tea Paintings

Well, August has come to a close. It has been an eventful month, and a whirlwind of girly-planning in addition to art-makings.

From my past posted Tea Staining Tutorial I made several papers for mini paintings- each in sizes around 4x6" and 3x8" with natural "torn"- look edges so they can be framed in a variety of ways -I am really looking forward to the framing part and normally that is my least favorite part of the process because it can sometimes be costly on the larger pieces.

Below are a few of the pieces I have finished for August from the paper I stained- they are little fantastical dragon and fairy pieces (with more to come) with a vintage-book look on the now parchment-colored papers.
August Mist - 3.5x8" 

Green Dragon - 4x6"

Snowy Blue Dragon 4x6"

Soon I will have these framed and available in my Etsy shop. If you haven't been by, be sure to check out the ACEOs section and also my studies/sketches section that has reasonably priced unframed works to get you started collecting art!


blouse said…
love that snow dragon!