Brainstorming and Art Jam online together at EMG's Sketchfest

This weekend I had an appointment postponed, and I was left to my own devices. Thankfully my own devices include lots of art supplies. And a computer. I have been following a monthly event called "SketchFest" hosted by Ellen Million Graphics. SketchFest is a 24-hour long creative jam session with artists across the globe that gives everyone participating the opportunity to draw based on ideas or "prompts" proposed by other members on a page of ideas, popping up during the session. You can claim a prompt or comment on other sketches, even post and sell your work! The catch is you only have one hour to draw on each prompt.  It is a great way to let loose, think outside the box, and definitely a place to go when you are wondering "what should I create?"
"Let them eat cake" prompt- get it here

"Autumn's Breath" prompt- get it here
I checked it out last month and missed it. This weekend I had a few hours to jump into the registration window and claim a couple of prompts. Hopefully next month I will end up with a pile of sketches! I may develop these sketches further if I have time but the sketches themselves are for sale on the SketchFest site both for under $20 each. ($5 from each goes to keep the site running!)

Another way to reinforce my mantra of "draw every day", I can't wait to go nuts on the next round of sketching.

I encourage you to check out all the ideas on the SketchFest site, and also the artists' websites, as the site holds their ideas and brainstorms, and their individual sites lead to completed works.