Wedding Bells and Red Dots...

This weekend I got married. I figured I wouldn't mince words there and just say that's what happened for any new readers, because planning this has been one very large plate to keep spinning among the plates of  creating art and balancing a new day job in a very busy new business (thankfully part-time). It was a great weekend to get away and do something just for us and our families. I also got to visit an aquarium I had never seen take lots of pictures of fish.

this is the coolest looking little fish i've ever seen! imma paint him :)
i adore jellyfish. if i can live a future life as a jellyfish, i would dig that. 

I could not have pulled off the ceremony, reception, and kept my sanity and memories without the wonderful other creative businesses that helped me in the process, (I am proud to say almost everything but my dress was local- the dress was from a chain store..sigh) most of all thanks go to my very artistic photographer, florist, and the bakers of my cake.

I knew of Vanessa and SoDarnHappy Photography from back in the ArtBeat days when the magazine was in print and I was interning and writing and doing my thing, but got to know her better through meeting her at Green Bambino and after viewing all of her vibrant work. After seeing she had shot intimate weddings like mine and talking to her about our budget (she was so great about this!), I knew I had found my wedding photographer.  I will share a pic or two on my Facebook page and probably here when they are ready as well....
House of Flowers is owned by Marta Land of Shawnee and they have some great designers. I have been doing the online photos and product shots for their social media for a little less than a year and I have seen some beautiful pieces created at the hands of the ladies there. I got so many compliments on the flowers even though we went with simple choices.
I can't say enough about DC Cake Appeal when it comes to events. They have made me cupcakes for art shows and are ever so helpful. We have a frozen cake top over at my parents house so it won't be attacked too early! If you are ever in Shawnee you must stop by and take a look, or take a look at some pics here to see their beautiful cakes...

Now as if this wasn't enough- there were art goings-on this weekend too! I dropped off my painting for the Red Dot Art Sale and Auction, which benefits Individual Artists of Oklahoma. The auction is November 11th, and tickets can be purchased at IAO Gallery and Blue 7 and Full Circle Bookstore. Event is at IAO Gallery, 706 W. Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City from 7PM-11PM. The IAO site info on the event is Here and you can RSVP via Facebook and see the full artist list Here.

I have two Christmas benefit art events for which I am creating things other than traditional paintings of course, I will be sharing some pics of these soon!