New Painting: When a Goddess Cries- Trapping Diana.

The beauty aesthetic is not just about pretty and cute but also incorporates sadness and vulnerability. While I have an affinity for mythology, I always remember illustrations of Artemis(Diana) as a lithe young woman traipsing around with her arrows, but researching her deeper I learned of how strong she was. I can see why she became an icon for other women. But even strong women have moments of weakness amid being worshipped...
The Roman Temple of Artemis in Jerash
In this fantasy portrait piece I included basic literal mythological elements, but tried to really give her an expressive face more than anything else. Many of my faces feel a little more dreamy or wistful to me, but I tried to give her a harsher gaze, as if she had just been seen. In my personal experience I often run into the self-proclaimed strong ones who will not admit a weakness or let anyone see them in a vulnerable position, so this goddess' visible vulnerability has made her easy prey.
"Trapping Diana"
 I wanted to use unconventional color and a darker background than normal, so I went with green (perhaps she shed a tear out of jealous sadness? was she betrayed? maybe just green for the cypress that is her symbol...) The moon on her forehead and the little ring-like bits in her hair are liquid silverleaf, which do not shine in this slightly angled photo but are quite reflective in person! I have also discovered I really enjoy painting hair! I should paint some big-haired ladies perhaps?

"Trapping Diana" will be available at my next show, this Thursday November 3rd at Convergence Collective in the Plaza District. You can RSVP to the event via facebook HERE, or for more info, see this earlier blog post.