Art for your space or your little ones at Green Bambino this season

This holiday season I have artwork featured at the recently expanded Green Bambino. Green Bambino is a cute shop which specializes in all things safe for both babies and the environment, starting with the creator of much icky waste....diapers. They carry a wide range of cloth diapers and even have classes for new parents wishing to make the eco-friendly switch! With the expansion of their space they have begun carrying new toys and also art by local artists for nurseries and family homes. Green Bambino will be carrying a selection of my animal art for the holiday season that is colorful and fun for spaces with children. Elephants, birds, and jellyfish are just some of the pieces available.

Rajasthan Corridor, one of the available pieces

Work on the walls of the space. These have the edges finished and do not require frames.
And there are little pieces too! perfect to cheer up any corner space!