Bees and bright palettes one sleepy Sunday make way for new work!

This weekend I have had a little burst of energy to make new work- Yay! Usually toward the end of the year  I am finishing any remaining projects, working more on the behind-the-scenes submitting stuff, and thinking about taxes and wrapping up money issues. This year I am also on a submissions committee for a local art show/benefit in 2012 so wanting to do a good job there and help their cause as much as possible is at the front of my mind as well.

For these two paintings I used some little wood cradled panels and a much more limited palette than I normally prefer. I am a sucker for those special, bright little colors strewn between Liquitex and Golden displays that are often on sale, because they are sometimes randomly stocked (at least at stores here).  For both of these paintings I only used black, white, cadmium red medium, primary yellow, and phthalo blue colors and mixed from these.
I drew the girl onto the wood in red.

She is 8x8"- I will varnish her with a high gloss varnish.

Since I had bees on the brain I painted this little guy too! It is 4x4" and the sides are painted black. All the colors are mixed from those 3 primaries.
Once these paintings are completely dry I will varnish them and list them in my Etsy store. I hope you like them!