First Sketchfest pieces of the year...

Every once in awhile I will upload some small images to albums on my other sites with "sketchfest" in the name.  This is a monthly online event where artists and sketchers can get together on the website  and draw with prompts given by other sketchers to inspire them. Here are a few of my sketches for this session, which became little watercolors. To find out more about them, check out my link at Sketchfest here.

No Pedestal Needed
5x7" watercolor on paper from sketch for the prompt "frog prince"

North by Northwest
5x8" watercolor on paper from sketch for the prompt for "wise snails"

Sketch for "frog prince" prompt- each sketcher is allowed one hour to sketch each prompt and upload it.

Sketchfest is one of my favorite little extra things to do because it requires nothing but access to a computer to get your images and prompts (like if you already upload them somewhere else like Flickr) and you can also sell your work from each sketchfest via the site for a small commission that keeps it running. You can take a look, there are multiple skill levels and multiple mediums being used each time, although I do see more fantasy and illustrative leanings.  This is a really good thing to do if you are the kind of person who wants to draw/paint, but needs a nudge in the subject direction...the prompts are often things like "something that makes you happy", "centaur-but replace 'horse' part with some other animal", "things that go hop in the night..." so you will have never be short on ideas here! You can leave prompts for others as well.

If you decide to participate in a Sketchfest, check out their Facebook page first- sometimes they do not open up registrations for each sketchfest until right before each monthly session, but they announce it there. I don't always make each one, or do or post every sketch or piece I make from them, but it is a fun creativity exercise.

I really enjoyed these little frog and snail sketches and I think I want to make a few more little pieces like this, although I'm not sure to what end. But the idea is still there in my head. I will think on it.