New Completed Artwork: Lady Disdain

I posted some entries back on my Facebook and Tumblr accts about working with acrylic gel transfers and a mixed media piece with a twins/double subject. I have completed the work and attached some photos below.

Lady Disdain
mixed media on canvas 18x24 inches
inquire on original by email
©2012 amanda christine shelton
Lady Disdain - with progress shots. I drew a lot of variations for how she would be "conjoined" below the neck, but none of them seemed to work with the ethereal quality I wanted (too many body parts or too little symmetry or not enough asymmetry) so I billowed a gloomy could with envious green (seems envy and disdain could be cousins or influencers of each other...) The text is chalk and white acrylic mixed together....

This was the first shared photo.. before any color added!

and finished....
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