Art for Sale in Grapevine, Texas

My friend and super-wonderful chef Annie sent me some photos from her cafe at Ethicus Hospital in Grapevine, TX where I have some paintings for sale. This is a great little place with a friendly staff and yummy food. The owner is very passionate about bringing quite the opposite of "hospital food" to patrons and clients (hearing about the avocado-salad buffet they have done at past lunches made me drool!) But enough of making me's some photos!

the two large abstract paintings were created by the owner- the pieces around them are mine!

Foster Mother

Trip Drop (this piece is on cradled wood so it stands out from the wall a bit)

For more information on any of the pieces you see here, drop me an email, or if you are in the area, check out the cafe (they are right in front of the hospital). I will be back in the Dallas area tentatively again in July for the Pancakes 'n' Booze show!