Oh yeah... I got kinda busy. here's a summary. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter-Ostara-Passover-or whatever you are celebrating this weekend! I hope you are among friends and family! Today is actually the day after my parents' 40th Anniversary, so celebrating love is pretty much what I want to do today. Screw candy. Someone loving you enough to put up with your quirks and demons for 40 years= much sweeter!
The Oklahoma History Center in OKC- this is where I am working for the next month!

I realized I haven't blogged as frequently lately- yikes! I got busy. Bad me. One of the things taking up most of my time is a 3-wall mural project for the Oklahoma History Center here in OKC near the state capitol. This May they will be opening an exhibit called "Oklahoma @the Movies" featuring the history of Oklahoma-born folks involved in cinema. Did you know the guy who did the original voice of Donald Duck was from my state? Or Mary Blair, ah-mazing concept artist for Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella? In May you will be able to see treasures from many Okie connections.  Anyway, I have been contracted to do 3 pieces of wall-art to fit in with 3 parts of the exhibit, ranging from more "set design" type painting to more fantastical creative work.

We also had our Sit.Stay.Art! preview party at Deer Creek Veterinary Clinic about a week ago and I met some of the submitting artists and their lovely work.  Here are some photos from the evening.

this is me with my submission for Sit.Stay.Art! - I painted a dog named Bagel.

Valerie McEvoy and Sandina Heckert
Sandina is the beauty and brains behind Sit.Stay.Art!
artist Mary Monson of Paws 'n' Portraits with her painting of Larrs

Thanks Deer Creek!
Coming up.... next week I pick up a torso/breast cast to paint for one of the OKC Roller Derby girls, VV Valkyrie.  This will be auctioned off and the rollergirls will also be having a fundraiser bout for Breast Impressions, an organization that has been doing the "breast-casts" for years to raise awareness and fund breast cancer education. I will post the completed pics here, but if you wanna follow along with my progress on the murals and the cast- check out my Facebook page...  and have a great weekend!!